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Selective policies allow you to insure a range of customers, without insuring your whole turnover. With over 25 years' experience, Peter Hill Credit & Financial Risks Limited is one of the UK's leading credit insurance broking specialists. Contact our team today on 01604 604 444.


Insure only what you need to with flexible cover

The most popular and cost effective way of credit insuring is usually through a whole turnover policy although this doesn’t suit all businesses. Most insurers offer a product which allows you to insure a selection of your customers.

This could be to insure your biggest customers, exclude the biggest customers, exclude the smaller accounts or to insure only a specific division of your company. Like whole turnover, claims are paid as a result of default on payment or insolvency.

The cost of the policy is linked to the insured turnover as well as the perceived risk of the buyers covered.

transport credit insurance

Industry and Business Sectors

  • Timber
  • Steel and Metals
  • Exporting and Shipping
  • Transport


  • Chemicals
  • Communications
  • Recruitment
  • Petroleum


  • Advertising
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • and more ....

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